** We will be open every day from Monday 26th December 2016 to Sunday 8th January 2017, 1pm to 4pm (weather permitting) **

The Nelson Society of Modellers Inc. was established in 1958, to c­ater for the interests of model enthusiasts in the Nelson area. Included among the varied interests of its members are such hobbies as clockmaking, the construction and operation of steam locomotives, traction engines, and small stationary engines. Many members design and build their own workshop equipment. Other members construct and sail ships of all types on the 0.8 hectare (2 acre) modellers pond adjacent to our railway track. Meetings are held monthly at our Clubrooms, where members can display their latest creative achievement or discuss with others any design or construction problems they may have. This exchange of ideas, plus the experience and specialised knowledge which is willingly available from other members, is the foundation of the Society's strength. Visits to members' workshops, film and video evenings, and an extensive library of modelling books and allied magazines, extends the assistance available to those requiring it. So, if you feel the urge to build a scale or working model, but don't know where, or how, to start, we may be able to help you. If you are interested in engineering, model making, clock making or trains you may like to consider joining our dedicated band of members. Our general meetings usually have a speaker on a topic of interest to those with an engineering background. There is plenty of expertise among the membership to help if you have a technical problem.


  • We run train and ­boat rides for children on Sunday afternoons and can always use additional staff.
  • Club locomotives are available, you do not have to own or build a locomotive.
  • Membership application forms are available by asking at the ticket office on Sunday afternoons.
  • For further information on our club activites please go to our Facebook Page