We have a club house with displays of models. These include static mo­dels, steam engines running on compressed air, O gauge model rail layout and OO gauge model rail layout.

Multi gauge (2½", 3½", 5", 7¼") raised track 520m long, incorporating a tunnel and a bridge over a loop in the track.

Dimensions for trolleys to clear our raised track are shown below. The critical dimensions are 260mm horizontal clearance at rail height and 235mm between rail height and bottom of foot boards. These are the dimensions of our trolleys which clear everywhere around the track. You may be able to shave a few millimetres off without problem.

Ground level 7¼" track 920m long, circumnavigating our whole site. Additional track accommodates passing loops and marshalling yards.

Two acre (8000 square metre) model boat pond filled by sea water on high spring tides. Our paddle steamer 'Navy Lark' is often available for taking children for rides on the pond.