Pond Fundraising

The Nelson Society of Modellers is a small group of model engineers who love to share their hobbies with the wider community. As well as scale model train rides, we also have a model paddle boat that we give rides in on the 2 Acre pond that we lease from the Nelson City Council. This pond over the years has become an icon in the Tahunanui area where model boats of all shapes and sizes have ply their way around the pond.

The pond from time to time has been plagued with a weed problem so 16 years ago we started to ask the Council for help to find a solution. Numerous reports commissioned by Council all said that sealing the bottom of the pond is the only long term solution. We finally have a plan with an estimated cost of $1.2 million and the Councillors have asked the Nelson Society of Modellers Inc.  to match their $600,000 for the project to proceed and given us until 30th September 2016 to come up with as much as we can. If this fails, the area will be returned to an estuary litter trap.  

We have had an extension on our time frame to raise the money we have been asked to raise. We hear from both Rata Foundation and NZ Lotteries in December. We have also been able to raise about $200k of product in kind towards this project so things are looking prommising.

We are asking for a show of support by way of donations to retain this Icon for generations to come.